Welcome to Africa Equip

Giving the people of Africa a hand up not a hand out

About Africa Equip

We are a charity organisation working to equip Africans and their projects with key materials and resources. Our primary aim is not to handout, but to give a hand up to those in need enabling individuals and communities to become more self-sustainable.

Our Aims

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

A grandmother looks after her orphaned grandchild. The parents died of AIDS.  Eswatini has one of th

A grandmother looks after her orphaned grandchild. The parents died of AIDS. Eswatini has one of the highest AIDS infection rates in the world.

Our objectives are

1. To provide equipment materials and resources to encourage and enable individuals, groups, and communities to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient.


2. To support young people to develop their skills and provide opportunities to lift them out of poverty


3. To support projects that can make a positive and lasting difference and that give hope for a better future.

Although we are a Christian organisation, we do not discriminate between projects we support.


This hand knitted shawl sent by Africa Equip keeps this impoverished lady warm.

Some of Our Projects

We have often resourced projects by relocating equipment, tools, and machinery to Africa that is no longer wanted in this country.   We have shipped a wide range of items from school desks to painting materials, sowing machines to baby clothes, electricity generators to computers, a range of disabled aids and much more.


This piano was sent to Uganda in the Africa Equip container.

We have supported the Butterfly Project in Uganda by sending a container of educational materials to support this project training young people to become local community social entrepreneurs. More recently we provided them with a woodworking machine.


The Christ Worshippers Gospel Choir on their visit to the UK.

We have for many years supported the Christ Worshippers gospel Choir of blind young people in Eswatini, (formerly Swaziland). But have this year purchased a Farmstead as a permanent home for them.  We now need support for this project to pay for repairs and improvements to the Farmstead to develop it into a Centre for the Blind.

Community allotments on the common land in South Africa are yielding many crops.

We recently purchased land and buildings in South Africa to develop a Children’s Nursery but this project is on hold due to virus restrictions. So we have funded the use of local common land and paid for seeds and plants so the community can grow their own vegetables providing vital food and some income.

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